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Garry Speight

Garry Speight

Obituary: Garry Speight When Garry Speight died on 2 December 2021, aged 87, Australian gliding lost one of its most experienced, insightful and generous pilots. He was a friend and mentor to many and applied the same scientific rigour to gliding as he had to…

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Nugent 3

First 1000km

After spending 2020 in Melbourne and 2021 in Sydney, I was very keen…

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Carter Cup 1

WA's Carter Cup

The Carter Cup this year was a great event. The clubs in the Western…
Soaring Rhapsody


‘Soaring Rhapsody’ is a series of linked poems in the style of Haiku.…
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Around the Clubs

Congratulations to the many new pilots who achieved first solos and…

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