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IMG 5271

David Howse ready to go.

By David Howse Photos:
David Howse, David Goldsmith,
Peter Raphael

With the onset of summer and the lockdown over, we all looked forward to the VGA Rally this year, which was held 8 - 15 January. My preparations were to drag Yellow Bird (Boomerang VH GQO) out of her slumber and give her a good form 2 inspection. However, lockdowns loomed again, such that we thought that it was all going to be called off. Luckily Bendigo Gliding Club stepped up and said that they would host.

It was a boomer of a day we turned up to find most of the others out on tasks. Someone asked me what my goal for the day was. My reply, just to turn up. The next day was for rigging and Form 2 testing.
We were using Bendigo’s new cross runway. They had just bought it from the farmer and had prepped it for the summer season. Form 2 testing done, it was time to fly.

IMG 5303

Alan Hopkins and Peter Raphael in the Bocian.

The next day was my best of the Rally. Three hours and thermallng with Peter Raphael in the Hutter 28. What a cute glider she is. Not only on the ground, but in the air too. Thank you, Peter Rundle, for bringing her from NSW.

Bob turned up the next day with his Boomerang. Now the number of Boomerangs matched the K6 clan. Things were looking good for some good old rivalry, however, Bob was not feeling well and had to derig the next day to go home and rest.
Covid wasn't far from our minds, as we too had to go home for our booster shots the next day.

The next two days were a wash out for us but we did have a great time catching up with the Vintage Banter.

The winds picked up, making the next day's flying tough. Bob returned feeling better and we had a great pub feed to end the day.

Over all we had a great Rally. We missed the SA crowd and hope to catch up with them again soon.

IMG 5288

Peter Rundle’s Hutter 28, Bob Hickman’s Boomerang, the Benton family Ka6 and David Howse’s Boomerang line up ready to launch.

Cherokee 3


Cherokee 4

The Cherokee II was designed for amateur building in 1956, and over 250 sets of plans were sold. It is fun to fly and soars well in weak or strong thermals. GPR is owned by Peter Raphael.