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NSW Coaching Week1

A shout out to Robert Bull, our NSW soaring development manager, for making the 2023 NSW coaching week possible! Fourteen aircraft, 8 coaches and more than 20 students participated, concluding a week with multiple badges achieved and hundreds of kilometres flown cross country.

NSW Coaching Week1

Lucas and Josh brought a PW6 to Narromine Gliding Club from the central coast for the NSW coaching course - a very good week when both converted to the LS4 and both achieved their Silver Distance of 50km.

NSW Coaching Week4

G Dale gave lectures and flew in the Duo Discus with pilots during the NSW cross country coaching week.

Southern Cross

Trainee Li Quan celebrates his first solo flight in early November at Southern Cross Gliding Club, Camden.


Central Coast GC gives a big congrats to 17 year old Levi Cooper Adams for going solo.


Congratulations to LCDT Monty Gay who completed all requirements for her A Certificate today and received her new patch from her instructor PLTOFF(AAFC) Tyler McMahon.


Please join us in congratulating CFSGT Claire Wren - today she completed all requirements for her B Certificate in one of the best Assessment Flights our CFI has seen! Well done Claire, we are super proud of you.

Chama Dayajeewa 1

Congratulations to Chama Dayajeewa at Canberra Gliding Club, first solo, yay!


Congratulations to Allan Feekings on going solo after a 50 year break! Great job, Allan, and thanks to his instructors Graham and Paul.

Southern Cross Buonavolonta

Congratulations to Francesco Buonavolonta for completing his first solo flight at Southern Cross Gliding Club. Well done, Francesco!

Gliding greg and me after solo Nicki Bourlioufas

Nicki Bourlioufas' first solo at Southern Cross Soaring Club Camden. Well done, Nicki.

Come and Get it

Mike Webster flew in to Bathurst Soaring Club from Hunter Valley Gliding Club to claim the 'Come and Get It' trophy - appropriately, on the weekend of Bathurst Soaring’s trophy presentation dinner.

To claim the trophy, a pilot has to fly from their home site, claim the trophy and fly home again (not necessarily on the same day!) Well done, Mike! Now someone has to fly to Warkwarth to claim it for their club.


Kevin Wilson has gone to the dark side! SCGC has a new tow pilot who joined the ranks today. He soloed the Pawnee at Bathurst Soaring Club.


Congratulations to Boyd Simonds from the Hunter Valley Gliding Club on his first solo as a tug pilot. Thanks to Nick for sitting in the right hand seat.