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The Adelaide University Gliding Club x Rockettes Flinders Ranges

Flinders 4

Flinders 7

Flinders 1

The Adelaide University Gliding Club x Rockettes Flinders Ranges Gliding camp was great fun with many gliding flights, Campfires, Hikes, 4WDs and Dampers.

Bathurst Soaring Club - Expecting Showers

Vera 1

Vera 3

Congratulations to Vera on her first solo. Lots of great work from her and her instructors Nick King and David Wilkins at the Bathurst Soaring Club junior AB initio course.



 Congratulations to Mitch on his first solo. Another success coming from the Bathurst Junior AB initio course. Thanks to his instructors Brian Bailey and Dean Ward.


Crovato Southern Cross

ongratulations to Pietro Crovato for completing his first solo flight at Southern Cross Gliding Club. Well done Pietro!



Over 10 single seat gliders appeared on the grid to have some early pre-season fun at the Gliding Club of Victoria along with duty crew flying regular passenger and training flights. Special training also in the ASK21Mi for engine management. Tom and Ed get prepared for the long awaited maiden flight in their new JS3 electric self-launcher. Very exciting as we move into new-age technology.