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Barnfield 4

Mark Barnfield's SZD 55 with a Narromine shower aproaching.


For 23 years the Annual Narromine Cup has been held over the last full week of November.

Sadly, due to Covid we missed the event in 2022, and this last season in 2023, the World Championships were run at Narromine during that period instead.

By popular demand, we were asked to hold our 2023 Cup week later in the season, so the first week of March was set for the gathering.
Narromine Cup is not a regular competition. The gathering serves as a briefing and launch, with a social atmosphere and presentations, to a diverse group of pilots ranging from first cross country student pilots to record holders and world class competitors.

The Cup is awarded to the pilot with the best score from three flights lodged on WeGlide.
This year the field was smaller than usual. The weather was kind with 6 flying days. The pilots choose their own tasks to achieve either maximum WeGlide scores or the FAI badge awards.

Two seaters were popular, with friends flying together and coaches flying with early cross country students.
The competition was fierce between the pilots seeking to win the Cup, and the planning and
task setting excellent for the badge flying pilots.

Narro Cup

Narromine Cup Winner 2023 Richard Traill with Beryl Hartley

Richard Traill edged out Mark Hunt to win his second Narromine Cup. Neil Doherty was a challenger to the two Melbourne club members.
The Silver, Gold and Diamond badge achievements were completed to great acclaim.

Once again, we thank Ed Marel for his well studied advice on the weather. It’s a bonus to have the weather man flying on his own forecast.
The 2024 Narromine Cup will be held over the last full week of November 2024. We hope to see you there.
Beryl Hartley

18 open

James Nugent with the winners in Open class, from the left, Bruce Cowan, Craig Vinall, Ryan Driscoll.

Horsham Week
3 - 10 February 2024

Open Class
1 Ryan Driscoll GCV Nimbus 3T 5,106
2 Craig Vinall Waikerie GC AS33e/18 4,722
3 Bruce Cowan GCV JS3-RES 18M 4,360

Standard - 15m Class
1 Jack Hart Bendigo GC ASW20B 5,457
2 Gordon Trollip Bendigo GC LS6 4,878
3 Neil Campbell GCV / Horsham FC ASW 24 WL 4,695

Club Class
1 Steve Jinks Bendigo GC Mosquito 5,012
2 Jaroslaw Mosiejewski Geelong GC PIK 20B (WL) 4,768
3 Terry Cubley GCV Mosquito 4,579

Full results at

JoeyGlide Jason Tang

Jason Tang who came 2nd overall on the grid at Joeyglide in Narromine.

7 - 13 January 2024

Club Class
1 Joshua Geerlings Narrogin GC LS 4b 4,779
HC Jayden Bashford Sunraysia GC Kestrel 17m 4,573
HC Ryan Driscoll GCV Nimbus 3 25.5m 3,849
2 Jason Tang Melbourne GC Discus CS 3,667
3 Anoushka de Chelard Grampians SC Std. Cirrus 3,349

Full results at Soaringspot

Juinks Hart Condon F2

F2 Class winners from left, Steve Jinks, Jack Hart, Tony Condon. Tony flew for the USA at WGC Narromine in December.

3 -12 January 2024

F1 Class
1 Scott Lennon Standard Libelle 37
2 Jasper Jansen Standard Libelle 33
3 Nick Gilbert Standard Cirrus 21

F2 Class
1 Jack Hart ASW-20 22
2 Tony Condon Discus 18
3 Steve Jinks Mosquito 10

Full results at

Beverley Regatta
10 - 17 February 2024

1 Chris Runeckles JS1 18m 3,321
2 Ross McLernon SZD-48 Jantar Std. 2 3,167
3 Greg Beecroft DG 1000S 20m 2,472

Full results at Soaringspot