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The flight line at Lake Keepit - that is now full of water!

NSW State Championships Lake Keepit
11 - 18 November 2023

It was a good soaring week for the NSW State Comps. Seven competition days were flown. The highest speed was achieved by Justin Smith on Race 5 at 130.88 kph over a distance of 462.78km in an Arcus.

Some comeptitors reported that despite the good results, some of the days were quite marginal and difficult. There were several outlandings during the contest. Congratulations to the winners.


Garry Stevenson from GCV in his Discus.


Open Class
1 Justin Smith Lake Keepit ArcusM 5,342
2 Richard Frawley Narromine JS3-18m 5,325
3 Steven Evans Kingaroy Asg29-18m 5,148

Club Class
1 Michael Strathern Nelson Lakes ASW20 5,614
2 Cameron Tunbridge Lake Keepit CirrusStd 3,883
3 John Trezise Richmond ASW24 3,844

Full results at


A typical evening outdoors at Lake Keepit.