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Waga 1

The 2023 WAGA State Championship was held at Beverley. The first practice day and the first competition day were not flown due to poor weather conditions. As the first competition day was not flown and was designated a rest day. The remaining seven competition days were flown without a subsequent rest day.
New Club House

The new club house was officially opened by the Shire President of Beverley on the first official day of flying, and it performed its duties admirably apart from some minor power and water issues due to the strain of having up to sixty people on site.

The competition ran smoothly with mostly good soaring conditions. Day 2 of the competition was especially challenging when the weather mid task, turned from flyable to unflyable. This led to 16 ground out landings, six technical out landings (engine starts), and only seven gliders making it home. Only one glider managed to complete the task.
Tom Holt

Beverley 19 - 28 January 2023

Open Class
1 Norm Bloch Beverley SC JS3 TJ 15m 6,444
2 Greg Beecroft Beverley SC LS 8 6,156
3 Don Woodward Beverley SCy Ventus 2b 5,767

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