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Here's a Start: 6 Essential Things It Supports!

Joining Gliding Australia isn't just about flying; it's about fuelling a passion and a community. Curious about what your membership contributes to? Let's dive into six crucial areas where your membership support makes a real difference:

1. Be a Part of the Bigger Picture: Your membership is your voice in the sky. It's about having a say in the rules of the game. We're constantly in talks with the aviation authorities such as CASA to make sure that every rule and regulation works for you, making your gliding experience not just safe, but also more enjoyable.

2. Fly with Confidence: Safety is our shared priority. Your membership strengthens our collaboration with the aviation key players, ensuring that every time you spread your wings, it's in the safest skies possible. Think of us as your co-pilot in maintaining the highest safety standards.

3. Your Safety Net Above the Clouds: We've got your back with comprehensive liability insurance. This isn't just paperwork; it's your peace of mind. So, when you're up there chasing the horizon, rest assured that we're taking care of the risks, leaving you to enjoy the thrill worry-free.

4. Celebrate Your Sky-High Achievements with Badges and Records: Every milestone you reach in the air is a cause for celebration. Your membership means your triumphs get the recognition they deserve. From FAI badges to record-keeping, we make sure your gliding achievements are heralded and remembered.

5. Join the Aerial Arena: As a member, you’re able to dive into competitions from local to international stages. Challenge yourself, measure your skills against others, and enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of friendly competition among fellow gliding enthusiasts.

6. Empower Your Local Gliding Club: Your membership does wonders beyond your own gliding journey. It’s a powerhouse for your local club, providing them with resources, strategic advice, and development tools. This means not just better opportunities for you but for every member of your gliding family.


Your membership does more than just support your passion; it's an investment in the future of gliding, the safety and growth of the community. So, when you renew your membership, remember, it's not just a fee; it's fuel for your passion!

But wait, there's so much more to discover! Gliding Australia membership has a long list of benefits and assistance to members.