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The GFA is proud to honour members who have made major contributions to the GFA and gliding in Australia over many years with Lifetime Membership. The current list of Lifetime Members is below.

Terry Cubley

Terry has served as GFA President, Vice President and in many other roles in the GFA over a period of many years. He is currently the GFA Executive Officer and Vice President of the International Gliding Commission (IGC).

Terry has been Australian national champion five times and has competed in seven World Championships. He was the Competition Director at the Gawler WGC, and served as referee, steward and jury at three international championships.

After taking the role of Operations Director at the Junior World Gliding Championships at Narromine 2015, he is now the Competition Director for the  World Gliding 15m 18m and Open Classes to be held at Benalla January 2017.

Terry was instrumental in  the successful bid to stage these two WGCs in Australia and recently attended the IGC meeting in Luxembourg where he presented the successful bid to hold the next Women's World Gliding Championships at Lake Keepit in 2019.

Terry has worked tirelessly for many years promoting the  sport that is his passion. Terry is still a competition pilot, having flown in several competitions in early 2015 including the Multiclass Nationals and the Two Seat 20m Nationals.

Beryl Hartley

Beryl married into a gliding family in 1964 and has been involved with the sport ever since. Since arriving in Narromine in 1974, she supported the Australian international teams 22 times as crew and team manager, and the Japanese team four times as team manager.

For many years she has actively promoted Narromine as a host venue for international gliding events. She has held many administration positions in the NSWGA and the GFA including Vice President, President and Treasurer. She has been the FAI Certificates officer since 1991 and received the GFA Iggulden Award, Life membership of the GFA and the FAI Pelagia Majewska medal.


Rob had Competed in 28 consecutive Australian Nationals until the mid1990’s he has crewed for in 11 International Competitions three of which were as Team Manager one of those being the 1983 World Championships. He was a Steward at the 2009 Australian Gliding Grand Prix. Rob was an inaugural member of the GFA sports committee in 1980 and served on and off in various roles on that committee for over 30 years including 7 years as the Chairman of that committee. Rob has an OAM and FAI Air Sports Medal for services to gliding.

Bob Hall


Today, 13 June 2016, Bob was made a Member of the Order of Austriala. Congratulations to Bob
from the GFA and the whole Australian gliding community.

Dr Robert James Hall AM

For significant service to sport aviation, particularly to gliding, through leadership, advocacy and training roles,
and to the promotion of safety standards.

Service includes:

Air Sport Australia Confederation

(formerly known as Australian Sport Aviation Confederation):
President, 2005-2008.

Chair, Technical Committee, since 2008.

Board Member, 1998-2008.

Representative, Industry Forum, Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group, 2009 - 2015.

Gliding Federation of Australia

President, 2001-2005 and Immediate Past President, 2005-2006. Vice President, 2000-2001.

Chairperson, Operations Panel, 1991-1996.

Convenor, Airfields and Airspace Committee, 1990-2006.

Chief Flying Instructor (by rotation), Bathurst Soaring Club, circa 1970s-2015 and Level 3 Instructor,
since 1977 and Instructor,  since 1972 and Vice-President, 2000.

Member, Standards Consultative Committee, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, since 2011.
Contributed to establishment of Airspace and Environment.

Regulatory Unit, Airservices Australia, 'no dates'.

Awards and recognition includes:

Recipient, Paul Tissandier Diploma, Federation Aeronautique Internationale, 2009.
Recipient, Gold Medal, Air Sport Australia Confederation, 2012.
Life Member, Gliding Federation of Australia, 2006.