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Steve Pegler GA


One Sport One Team One Gliding
Look familiar? This is Gliding Australia’s Strategic Plan and over-arching mission phrase. What does it mean? No doubt it means different things to different people and perhaps some have never really considered the question, but the intention is to create an environment that supports diversity, inclusion, cohesiveness and mateship. It is meant to convey a message that, although we may have different aspirations and objectives within the sport we all love, we are indeed in this together. We are mutually dependent on each other and we should all be there to offer mutual support to ensure we grow together.

Humans are complex beings with varying attitudes and approaches to the same things that challenge us all. Clubs are, of course, just a collection of humans, which means that clubs have an identity that is their own – there are no two clubs that are the same. People and clubs are the very fabric of our structure, which means that if we are to thrive we need to adopt the mantra of One Sport, One Team, One Gliding. If we don’t, then the future development of our sport is in jeopardy.

Having differing approaches and opinions can at times be challenging but that is what makes life interesting and will ensure our prosperity, provided we can harness that group energy and collective intellect to benefit all. As individuals need to respect other individuals, clubs need to do the same, in other words, respect other clubs’ ideas, views and aspirations and help them to achieve their goals.

Across Australia we have a number of airfields that host more than one club – in one instance there are three. Over recent times there are several examples where clubs have had or are in the process of trying to work through differences. It is healthy to have differing views. The challenge comes in resolving those differences so that everybody (every club) is a winner. As differing standpoints become entrenched and defensive positions prevail, it becomes increasingly difficult to work to a mutually satisfactory solution.

I don’t believe anyone or club deliberately goes down the track of creating a dispute, but when a dispute does develop it is vital to address the issue early – don’t let it fester and grow to a point where it becomes personal and irreconcilable. In any dispute resolution, it is essential to look for points of agreement as a base to working through other areas where compromise on both sides will eventually lead to mutual benefit. This process certainly is not easy and cannot work unless opposing parties are genuinely working to resolve the problem. If only we could put the same energy into solving issues as we do in creating and perpetuating them, our differences would seem much smaller.

Where we can, Gliding Australia is here to help, but we can only do so much. We can’t solve the problem – only those involved can do that – but we can assist by offering support. Everybody would be aware of the work that Amanda VanderWal carries out on behalf of Gliding Australia. Amanda’s job is to help clubs develop in all sorts of ways from governance matters to fund raising, grant applications, club structures and, of course, dispute resolution. If you see a need in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to initiate contact with Amanda – her contact details are on the Gliding Australia website – just scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and you’ll find her listed under Contact Us.

Please remember, we are One Sport, One Team, One Gliding – let’s all work together to ensure the future development and prosperity of our sport by creating win-win results. Fly safe and be kind to each other.

Steve Pegler

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