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When Bernard Eckey’s gliding “tome” first appeared back in 2013, it was a major landmark in terms of the quantity and quality of knowledge parcelled up in single volume: A fantastic resource for any soaring and cross-country pilot from novice to competition pilot. The fact that so many techniques were explained clearly and logically meant that the “made easy” part of the title was well deserved.

Seven years on, the latest Edition 4.1 is now out but the core messages remains the same, so no need to discard those earlier editions! But there are so many improvements throughout the book including new illustrations, improved wording and updated theory, it might just be tempting to re-purchase. It’s clear the author is dedicated to honing this book as a labour of love: It’s not just about re-stocking the warehouse!

The fact the warehouse was bare is testament to word-of-mouth recommendations and the uptake by so many different pilots around the world. There are even sections explaining how different countries and climate zones affect soaring conditions, which is really helpful when visiting new areas in different parts of Europe and beyond. For pilots lucky enough to have hills and mountains within reach, there are sections on ridge and mountain flying, and wave.
Amazingly, the book really does cater for pilots through the spectrum from novice to advanced. For those starting out on their gliding career, the book explains how to acquire soaring skills with a minimum of assumptions and in a form that is very readable.

For the intermediate pilot, a myriad of techniques to improve cross-country performance are explained together with the vital topic of making safe field landings.
For competition pilots, there is a wealth of detail on tactics, glider fine-tuning and sports psychology. There are tips equally for those aiming at club level comps and those growing into regionals or nationals.
It’s evident that Bernard is a coach who has helped numerous generations of new pilots and he is willing to share everything he has found in his own extensive career.
Book review by Tony Cronshaw

Advanced Soaring Made Easy is available direct from the author

Edition 4.1
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